Our Baby Unit welcomes children from 3 months up to approx. 18 months and offers a warm friendly environment for them to make the transition from home to nursery care. The Baby Unit is split into two groups. Your child will join either of the groups that is appropriate to your child’s developmental needs. We will always cater for your babies individual needs and keep the routine as similar to that at home. Prior to your baby starting at Tree Tops we will offer settling in sessions to ensure you are both comfortable in the nursery environment before your child’s first day.


Activities are planned to ensure experiences reflect your baby’s interests, as set out in the “Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS)”, celebrating the skill and competence of babies and young children and highlighting the relationship between growth, learning, development and the environment in which they are being cared for. Typical activities may include; messy play, soft play, building blocks, creative artwork & outdoor fun!

Parent Information

There is a great deal of important information to pass to parents of children in the Baby Unit and we do this through a daily feedback sheet which records the meals, nappy changes, drinks and sleep patterns of each child, and by talking to the parents when they collect the children. More structured communication occurs at our bi-annual Parents evenings which have proved very popular, allowing us to get together for an informal chat and giving parents the opportunity to explore the nursery at leisure – admiring the creative and fun exploits that the children enjoy. We send home children’s art work and have a wide range of photos displayed to show parents what their children get up to when they are not around. We pride ourselves on good communication with parents and know how important the information we share with them is.