The Toddler Unit welcomes children from approximately 18 months – 3 years old. It is split into three groups to accommodate the different stages of toddlerhood.


The main aim of Toddlers is that the children continue to learn through play. The children have the opportunity to engage in lots of activities throughout the day. This will ensure that the children’s interests and learning are extended and developed as set out in the “Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS)”. Our weekly planning is child led through the child’s own interests and according to their developmental needs. Parents are welcome to contribute to the planning gif they wish. The toddlers are introduced to circle time and your child will enjoy a variety of activities including, role-play, music and movement, sand and water, outdoor play and art & craft activities. All of our toddler rooms have an area where children can get involved in messy play, painting etc. These areas are set daily for the children to explore. We also offer Tatty Bumpkins and Music lessons to our Toddlers.

Parent Information

Parents are always welcome to speak to any member of Toddler’s staff. We pride ourselves on good communication with parents and whilst the majority of communication with parents is done verbally we complete a daily feedback sheet to provide parents with information about how their child has slept and eaten that day along with any nappy changes and/or toilet training. Further to this, all children at the nursery have a learning journal as well where we capture all that you child is achieving and learning. More structured communication occurs at our annual Parents evenings which have proved very popular, allowing us to get together for an informal chat and giving parents the opportunity to explore the nursery at leisure – admiring the creative and fun exploits that the children enjoy. We encourage toilet training in the toddlers department and will work very much with you and your child. We will discuss what works best for your child and will only start toilet training when they are ready. The children love the sticker chart we provide and find this very rewarding.